Espace 1 commercial brochure - Original (OEM) vintage part

Espace 1 commercial brochure

Brochures and posters for RENAULT Espace 1

Original (OEM) vintage part Good condition

Year: April 1987 20 pages Presentation of the 2000-1; 2000 TSE; 2000 GTS; Turbo D; Turbo DX models (note that the 2000-1 and Turbo D/DX models had just been added to the existing range) Detailed technical specifications and list of respective equipment and options Good general condition. Some traces of use and pencilled inscriptions on the back indicating the prices of the time in French francs for the GTS, TSE, and Turbo D models
Fitment/Compatibility with:
  • RENAULT Espace 1 (1984 - 1990)
Manufacturer : Publicis

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