Bumper for Series 1 (1976-1983) - Original (OEM) vintage part

Bumper for Series 1 (1976-1983)

Front Bumper for ALFA ROMEO Alfasud Sprint (ref: 11768 (?))

Original (OEM) vintage part Very good condition

For series 1. Very good condition. Old stock, never mounted. Some surface scratches (to be polished). Rare!
Fitment/Compatibility with:
  • ALFA ROMEO Alfasud Sprint
Part reference 11768 (?)

About the seller

Private individual - Bourgogne-Franche-Comté - France
Part weight 8 Kg
Part dimensions 50cm x 50cm x 170cm
Price(excluding shipping costs) 219.89 € Non-negotiable

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Hand-delivery and shipment
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