LEFT MIRROR PORSCHE 944 - Original (OEM) vintage part


Exterior rear-view mirror for PORSCHE 944

Original (OEM) vintage part Good condition

Sell a Porsche 944 electric left mirror. This mirror is also compatible with Porsche 924, 911 and 928 according to their production period. Second hand in good condition. The right side is also available as well as parts (mirror, shell, electric motor, etc.) on request.
Fitment/Compatibility with:
  • PORSCHE 944
  • PORSCHE 924

About the seller

Professional seller - Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes - France
Part weight 2 Kg
Price(excluding shipping costs) 348.30 € Non-negotiable

Shipping option

Hand-delivery and shipment
Shipping costs to add based on the delivery method chosen via Obvy.
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